Patient Testimonials

Charles Jennings

Malignant Lymphoma Survivor

“He’s kept me alive for 18 years,” Charles Jennings says of Dr. Hanna, and that’s what matters most. “I think he’s the best oncologist/hematologist.”

Charles Jennings should know. He was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma in the early 1990s, when he found a lump on his neck. He has had chemotherapy and radiation treatments twice.

Following successful treatment of the lymphoma, life returned to normal. Then, Jennings had both knees replaced at the same time. He lost a significant amount of blood, which he believes compromised his immunity. “The cancer came back.”

With the cancer’s return, Dr. Hanna started Jennings on a clinical trial, but it didn’t help. He then treated him with chemotherapy for six months. “That stopped it. I lost every hair on my body – no eyelashes or eyebrows – nothing!” Jennings said.

Jennings became a volunteer in the oncologist’s office one day after he and his wife, Donna, had appointments together. “When we finished, she talked to Dr. Hanna about volunteering, and she volunteered us.” This cancer survivor doesn’t seem to mind. “I wouldn’t do it for money.”

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Charles Jennings