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Linda Hall

Breast Cancer Survivor

Linda Hall & Family “Dr. Hanna is wonderful! I feel like he believes in pretty aggressive treatment, and that’s what I want,” says Linda Hall. “He stays up-to-date with the newest things that are going on in cancer treatment.”

Dr. Hanna diagnosed cancer in Linda Hall’s left breast in 1994. Hall received chemotherapy and radiation therapy and underwent a modified radical mastectomy.

“I went for years with no problems,” she notes. “In December 2006, I went in for a regular mammogram, and they found breast cancer in the right breast. It was a more aggressive kind of cancer than I had earlier.” She received more aggressive chemotherapy, had radiation treatment and underwent another modified radical mastectomy.

Hall reports that her breast cancer is now in check and she continues to see Dr. Hanna every four months. “Everything is going well.”

She first learned about the doctor from her minister in the mid-1990s. He told her of a parishioner at another church who was diagnosed with cancer several years earlier. The parishioner was given six months to live by two doctors. “At the time I talked with my minister, the man was still alive and doing well after going to Dr. Hanna.”

While clinical expertise is extremely important, Hall also recognizes the value of good patient – doctor communications. “I’ve always been impressed with how much time Dr. Hanna spends with you. He always responds very quickly, and I know he cares a lot.”

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Linda Hall